How Often Do A Day You Encounter An Escalator Or Lift?

How Often Do A Day You Encounter An Escalator Or Lift?

October 30, 2018 Off By Aaron Morrison

Then take the stairs next. It is just as fast as the escalator and often as the elevator. It saves the annoyance of waiting or standing between many and pushing people. And you do something that is very good for your condition.

The sports date

Together sports stimulates and is fun.

And it’s harder to drop if you do not feel like having a sports appointment. Such an arrangement is a smart way to help yourself. Especially if you know that you always have to cross that threshold to ‘go.’ Maybe at work someone with whom you can start exercising right after work? Ask it!

Recognizing and replacing

The big challenge with unhealthy lifestyle habits is to catch yourself on them and then learn them. How can we make that attractive? It helps tremendously to keep it small and step by step.

Keep an eye on this time at which times and why you light a cigarette, snack or drink a glass of wine. Consider, preferably directly, whether you could have done something else (healthy) at such a moment, with the same effect. For example, buying a magazine instead of a pastry and a block to walk instead of a cigarette.

Determine the times at which you will choose this alternative. Start with one moment and take one every week.

The pitfall of coffee

Tension makes you tired. Do you know that tired, heavy feeling? Perhaps you also take an extra cup of coffee.

But that is why you will be extra tense again. You become shaky, restless, sleep worse and therefore extra tired. This leads you to a downward spiral.

If you take a maximum of 5 cups of coffee a day, coffee does not have an adverse effect on your health and improves your reaction speed, perception, and attention.

All in the open air

A walk of a few minutes in the open air – even in the middle of the city – reduces the stress level. Because your thoughts are removed from work for a while because you get other impressions and get fresh air. Take your sandwich out with you or move the tea break out with your colleagues.