How To Maintain Physiological Health?

How To Maintain Physiological Health?

October 31, 2018 Off By Aaron Morrison

Make it concrete and feasible

Set yourself a viable and practical goal if you want to improve your lifestyle habits. Do not make things too difficult for yourself. A small change is much easier to fit into your habits than a significant difference.

An example:

You are going to eat more fruit. Make that concrete: You take a piece of fruit for every day. Which fruit is it? An apple, a banana? Also decide when you are going to eat it: during lunch? The more concrete you make the plan, the better you can imagine it, the higher the chance of success.

Take a good look at what you can do to keep yourself to the plan!

Eating and stress

We usually know very well when we eat things that are unhealthy. But in times of stress, it is difficult to make time for real cooking, or we eat away the excitement with tasty sweet or savory things. We miss taking proper care of ourselves. And the consequences, prevalence and an increased risk of cardiovascular disease, we do not notice now. It is understandable, but we are therefore at extra risk because our body will come sooner under pressure.

Alcohol and stress

Alcohol relaxes in the short term. A few glasses of wine helps to fall asleep after an active day. The annoying thing is that alcohol makes it difficult to sleep through: you run the risk of waking up much more at night and restlessly asleep. Waking up is usually not there, so you start the day after with more stress instead of less. Also, the consequences of excessive alcohol consumption and the risks of dependence in the longer term are apparent.