The Extra Advantage Of The Sport

The Extra Advantage Of The Sport

October 29, 2018 Off By Aaron Morrison

That people who play games are fitter than non-sporting people is no news. That it is good for your figure is fun. But in the context of stress prevention, the additional advantage is that exercise is an ideal way to react to tensions that non-athletes continue to follow. All pent-up frustrations, the rushed feeling, the thrill of performance; they all come out under exercise. Even though you were not aware of these feelings at all.

The effect of ‘rest’ Getting calm

At the moment you are stressed or hurried, excited or just restless often seems a challenge. How do you get there? Simple: talk a lot about it. Talking about rest has a significant side effect: it creates a sense of calm.

Half an hour a day

Did you know that moderately intensive exercise for half an hour a day is a reasonable basis for good health? That can be fifteen minutes back and forth cycling to and from your work. Or the walk from train/ bus/metro to your work, the brisk walk to the supermarket.

Less than half of the people seem to meet this standard. And you?

The effect of pleasure

Healthy living does not seem natural. All kinds of ‘wrong’ temptations radiate us. It is not surprising that we occasionally sin. If that happens to you, do the following:

Choose consciously for that ‘sin.’ Feel the pleasure and enjoyment of that bowl of chips, a bag of chips or whatever it may be. Because the feeling of satisfaction makes people live longer!

Put aside the guilt. Do not get yourself turned upside down because feelings of guilt hurt longevity.

Sleep well

Sleep is incredibly important for the recovery of your body and mind. So it is essential to ensure that you sleep well. For many people this is a difficult point: in stressful periods, the night’s rest is disturbed first. However, you can do a lot to sleep well.